ok so ive been playin for 15 months now. id say im pretty good at playing along with my fav songs and creating my own stuff... but i dont kno theory which makes it hard for the other members of my band (bass and another guitar) to write their own parts for my interesting style of playing. where do i start in theory? ive looked at some and kno a little but i dont know how it works. keys chord progressions scales and arpeggios are things id like to learn, but when i try i get confused and loose interest. since im self taught theres no real pressure to learn but as i said i need theory for my band... any help is great

mainly theory that helps for melodic death and technical death would be better
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Ask someone what scales "melodic death"(oxymoron?) uses prominently. Learn those, then in all honesty that might be all you need at first. Hopefully your band will have some theory knowledge to wrap their music around yours. Arpeggios are just chords, but instead of strumming you individually pick the notes in any pattern. But as I said before, find out what scales they use, because I have no idea what melodic death is lol.