If you like it, and want to hear it with real instruments sometime, go to www.myspace.com/beyondwings. I dont have it recorded yet because I cant figure out how to make my amp's distortion not sound bad when I'm recording and the RSE drums in 5.2 sound really bad.
Pretty tight. Reminded me kind of It Dies Today, like a mix of "The Radiance" and "A Threnody for Modern Romance" or something. But, yeah, it was good. I liked it. One thing though, at the end, you could have put a breakdown. Like, just the low B and F# in both guitars. In the pattern of the last 4 measures in guitar 2. Just have no fade out, go from the outro riff that you have to a breakdown just chugging that low B. That would sound tight. I would give it a 10/10 if you did that. Of course it's a 10/10 right now, but still, breakdown would be badass.
Oh, also, I would apreciate it if you could crit one of my song, if that's all right with you. I just kind upgraded one of my songs. The song is called "Accent" and the original version is the last one in my sig. But the better version should still be on the front page. Just now posted it. But yeah, that'd be cool if you could do that for me. Thanks.
I like the breakdown at the the begining but I don't like the lead. Bars 11 and 12 are a bit boring. I like this chord progression, but I think their needs to be lead over it. The next few riffs are decent. I wasn't really liking the lead at bar 73 or so, just seems kind of... eh. But when bar 89 came in I like it a lot more. The lead gets pretty repetitive toward the end.
Overall I like it, but I've seen you make much better than this.

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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

your song's pretty good, kind of plain though. i liked that it wasn't just straight 4/4, but the lead riffs sounded kind of generic at some points. you need to change up your drums to, theyre reaaaalllly simple. i could help you out with that if you wanted. (my main instrument is drums). the song definately has a good vibe to it though. also, the first lead riff, you should make the notes ring together, i think it'd sound better.
Okay, I recorded the guitar parts, and I'll probably redo them cause its a bit loud and the rhythm parts sound pretty messy, but I decided to post what I have. I like how the lead parts turned out though. http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/beyondwings/

Edit: Oh, and if anyone can help me and come up with a good song title, that'd be great
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