which of those 2 would you prefer n why...
im planing on one of those...

which bridge is better?...the licenced floy on the MH250 or the kahler Xtrem on the JH200?
Kahler > LFR. The pickups are easier to swap out than the trem.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
the pickups i can change with less investment than the bridge...which bridge is better?
i see one vote for kahler^^ ...
I would really save a bit more and get the mh 400 if I were you. Better hardware(somewhat)

And it comes with the pickups installed, If you wanted to buy the pickups separately and then get em installed into your 250, it would cost you about the same as the 400 series
i live in india man...the prices here are ****-all-**** to say the least...wat im spending on the JH200 in my currency is almost as much as an MH400 in $'s...in case im getting my axe from dubai ill definitly try out the MH400 as well if its affordable..