So how many of you have found the tone you hear in your head?

What guitarist does it resemble the most?

And what gear do you use to acheive it?

Personally I'm goin for a SRV/Nuno kind of tone, a clean but dirty tone all at the same time. and I'm gettin fairly close with my Classic 30 and valve junior running in stereo.

I've started to move away from tons of distortion. It scares ppl.
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i have a heavy crunch with lots of middle and i use a randall G3 to get it

kinda like adam jones
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A heavy, thick, rhythm tone.

For reference:
Growing on Me, Is it just me? - The Darkness
Trigger, Be My Baby, Sword of Glory - Motorhead
Ghost of Perdition - Opeth
Most songs off the "Butchering the Beatles" record

I haven't found mine yet, but I've gotten close
I have no idea how I sound or how my "perfect tone" is, I just EQ a bit and find a sound I like, often ends up with something like this:

Mid: 6-7

then ofcourse there is presence and such too but well well, dosn't matter since text cant tell you a sound^^
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Eq's rolled back quite a bit.

I always tried to go for something close to the rising force album tone.
my sound is mine. doesn't really sound like anyone else.

gain - 4
volume - 5-8
bass - 7
mid - 4
treble - 6
reveb - 5

gain -10
volume - 5-7
bass - 6
mid - 8
treble - 7
reverb - 3

gain - 6
volume - 5-7
bass - 6
mid - 6
treble - 6
reverb - 3

presence is adjusted depending on the venue I play
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I know what mine is kind of, but its hard to get. Its basically a british EL34 type sound on steroids. Probably need something like a Bogner Shiva or ENGL Invader to get it.

I really like it when it sounds heavy but you can still almost hear the clean note in the distortion, the Laney GH and VH series amps do this pretty well.
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i float between a petrucci/romeo high gain, heavily saturated tone to something more like judas priest(defenders of the faith album)/van halen/iron maiden sorta sound

mind you im only working with poorly emulated RP150 versions of the above
when I hear the tone I want, it is the warmest, smoothest, fullest, rounded, stratty, the closest it sounds like of anyone else is David Gilmour from the On An Island album, like the lead tone on Castellorizon. So smooth yet infinite sustain, seemingly low gain, but it can squeal like a pig.

wow what a tone, I think Im gonna change my shorts now.
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I havn't found 'my' tone yet, and I don't know what it is because my tastes change so frequently.

I therefore have no idea what gear I need to achieve it.

New tracks on my profile! Please check them out and see what you think!
My sound is kind of my own... Its kind of the Derek and the Dominoes style Clapton and SRV mix.

I use my MIM Standard Strat into my Modded Dunlop Original Crybaby into my DS-1 (tone knob at about 10 - 11 o'clock, Dist. all the way down for a boosting OD kind of sound) into a GE-7 (only for Mid Boost) into my champ with the volume around 8 - 10

If yuou want to hear it check out my profile (just dont listen to the vocals )
My tones, using my equipment:

ODed Rhythm
Gain @ 2:00
Tone @ 2:00
Volume @ 7:00
NS-2 On, Threshold at Max, Decay at Min
TS9 Off

ODed Lead
Same as above, with TS9 On:
Drive @ 3:00
Tone @ 3:00
Level @ 12:00

Gain @ 7:00
Tone @ 12:00
Volume @ 12:00
NS-2 Off
TS9 On:
Drive @ 9:00
Tone @ 3:00
Level @ 3:00

The rhythm gives me a less-scooped Metallica-esque rhythm tone. The lead tone is bright and crunchy on the bridge pickup, but if I go for the neck pickup, it sounds almost bluesy. The clean is fairly warm, nothing too shimmery or anything.
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Thick heavy rhythm sound / Middy, classic british heavy metal lead sound

Nothing really that unique about my tone, just a good strong classic sound

Fender US Strat w/ Super Distortion in bridge > Modified Marshall JCM2000 DSL401

Only effect I use is delay at the moment and that's provided by a Boss DD-3

Settings are -

Gain - 6
Treble - 8.5
Mids - 8
Bass -7

Is really a typical Iron Maiden sound

Sometimes I use a Gallien Krueger 250ML amp for experimenting.
Not really, kind of similar to a Bluesbreakers era "Claptone" through my little home-made valve amp, but I might be getting a 60s/early70s Marshall Plexi from my uncle, which should help find tonal nirvana I would think
A Petrucci-ish tone, maybe a bit bassier and less saturated, more 'thicker' and my cleans are very Opeth-y ... but then again I have a Yamaha GA-10, a Yamaha ERG-121 and an Ibanez Smashbox so I don't have much to work with but I love it anyway.