I've got a budget of £250 or so, and I've more or less decided on a Vox Valvetronix AD50VT.
Is there any real advantage buying the AD50VT 212 (2x12" speakers) over your vanilla one-speaker AD50VT, or should I save the £50 or so for something else?
if you're buying it from a shop, see if you can put down a deposit and take them both home and spend a few hours trying them out and seeing what you really think
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Well, I'm buying it online but I'm planning to try it out in a local shop first.
Though I don't think they have both models.
If you gig, get the 212. If you don't gig, get the 112.


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If you gig, get the 212. If you don't gig, get the 112.

212 it is then.
Thank you kindly UG.
I prefer 212's. a little more headroom, doesn't sound so compressed.
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