How would you play this riff (Which fingering would you use for changing between those chords) :


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theres many ways...just depends on what your comfortable with. I tend to streatch more than i should for stuff, but it feels normal doing that for me...So i would hold the "6's" down with my middle and ring finger, then hit the 4 and 5 with my index. and 7 with pinky.
i'd use my ring finger for the 6's. index for 4's and 5's and pinky for the 7
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Put your middle finger and ring finger on the 6th frets, then for the 4th fret e use your index then for the change move it to 5th fret g, using your pinky to do the 5th chord and then back to what is an e shape 4 frets higher. (hope that made sense.)

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I'll try and explain the best I can...

Finger the 466 (C#) and 665 (C#m) as one chord (x4665x)

As for the 667, just form a small barre chord...

   C#/C#m         C#sus4 chord

First finger = Index
2nd = middle
3rd = ring
4th = pinky

Hope this helps somewhat =]
I've seen chords thousands of times more vexing than that.
Okay, what you do is use your pinky and ring finger to hold down the 6's, and don't move them until you have to hit the 7th fret. Move your index and middle finger to press down the other frets.
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