I'm in search of a pedal that can push both tube and SS amps. What are some of your recommendations.

Genre: Mostly Metal, but a little bit of everything.
Budget: $200 around
I used to use the Digitech DF-7 before i bought my marshall. It has seven different stompbox models and a really broad eq (at least for a stompbox, it's not graphic or anything). It has models that mimic the tube screamer, pro co rat, the orange boss pedal and steve vai and kurt cobain use (i forget what it's called right now and i'm pretty embaressed). I got one two years ago for 130 CDN so it fits your price range quite nicely.
I think you're looking for a distortion pedal, and overdrive would probably make an SS clip and sound worse
ibanez turbo tube screamer can push anything at all at pretty much any power. You can get a pretty heavy sound when running clean, too, like a driven vox Ac 30. But its also great for drivving distortion.
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2 EHX Sovtek Big Muffs, and you have money to save at the end!! Or just 1 and you have a lot of money left.
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An OD pedal won't "push" a SS amp. At best , it will simulate the sound of an overdriven tube amp. How well it does that depends on the amp.

I'd suggest something like a Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde. It's a TS808 clone on one side, and a distortion pedal on the other. It goes from mild OD to very heavy. Two solid pedals in one, all for about $150. If nothing else, the Hyde side should crank on a decent SS amp.
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thanks guys, youve given me alot of help. i went and checked out the local music store, the only pedals they had were the boss od3, an ibanez tone-lok tubescreamer and a nano metal muff. what about getting like a ge-7or he mxr 10band eq, will they be able to add a slight boost to the distortion.
I was going to suggest the Jekyll and Hyde, but as usual, slats beat me to it.
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i was just checking that out, it looks pretty sweet. i saw that powerhorse amp the visual sound have goin, that looks pretty kool too.