No opinions? holy crap this is one of the most opinionated forums ive ever been to.
From personal expierence I would go with the goth, only because I've never played the "dragster". However, I will say the goth has a nice sound.
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By the way i like Psychobilly, rock, metal, ska, punk all kinds of stuff. basically i would like to get one tht can at east sound like it fits into a few of these styles.
i have the dean evo dragster... its a great guitar for the money, build quality is waaaaay better than the epiphone!

btw, ive added a seymour duncan jb in the bridge and its awesome! it can do all the styles of music you mentioned...i kno, coz my band covers most of them!
I'd say dean.

The standard pick-ups on the Gothic are PLAIN ****. But other than that they are actually great guitars imo.
I'd go with the EVO. You get better quality right out of the box. It's got great access to the upper registry too due to that Dean angular neck joint.
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My Epiphone is the most 'solid' feeling guitar I've ever played, I love it.
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I've owned a Dean EVO Special Select since '03, and love it. I don't know exactly what the electronic differences are between that and the Dragster, but it can't be too much.
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