For sale: Ampeg 8x10 in like-new condition. Was purchased in January of 07 and has been collecting dust since July of 07. Did minor gigging with it. Two tolex tears on right side of cabinet. Very minimal wear and tear otherwise.

Asking for $700 but I'm open to haggling. Biggest discount you can get at Guitar Center or most other retailers is $150 off of the retail price of $1,000.

Local pick-up only. I am in the greater Grand Rapids area and am willing to meet halfway if its reasonable. If you absolutely need this thing and shipping would be required, then e-mail me and we can try and figure something out. Keep in mind that it will have to be shipped freight due to it being 15 lbs over the ground weight limit for UPS (which I will be using), so it's going to be pricey. Again, e-mail me and we can try and work something out that will be good for both of us.

If you decide to buy, it will be through Pay-Pal. You will receive both the cabinet and the original receipt with personal information blacked out so you can transfer warranty information.