Hi All,
so im barely starting guitar and dont know much about guitar and stuff, now my question is, is there anyway to make this buzz sound i get from my amp to go away?
if you must know i have a Fender Frontman 15G and a Schecter Damien 6 electric guitar?

i would appreciate any help, thanks!
yeap- ISP decimator.
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I'm thinking that's a grounding problem in the electricity in your house (which is quite common) or grounding or shielding problem on your guitar. A noise gate won't get rid of this.

If it's a problem with the guitar, shielding and grounding it properly will fix the problem. If it's a problem with the electric outlets in your house, the only way to fix it, besides having an electrician tear up your house would be to get a power conditioner.
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and this grounding problem? can it be fixed or can i do anything about it?

btw the isp decimator looks good