Glass cleaner is good if there is a finish on the wood of your bass.
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Not to repeat the obvious, but if you check out the FAQ, there's a whole section on bass maitenance, including cleaning your bass.

And a good lint free cloth is going to be a great addition to your bass case / gig bag. If you get religious about wiping down your bass after you play (including your strings) keeping it nice and shiny is going to be a breeze. I usually oil the fret board and use lemon oil on the body of most of my basses when I change the strings as well.
Microfiber cloths are "lint" free, like those you use to clean glasses. It means they don't leave lint or fiber behind.

Planet Waves and Ernie Ball sell really nice cleaning cloths for instruments that can be run through the wash and used again and again. They can be used on your strings and body.