I finally got some cash on my hands and i can buy myself a decent fuzz pedal( i have around 200$). The sound I am aiming at is stonerish, And the sound I want is something that is very hard to describe, it has to be fuzz but not fuzz like rice falling into the pot, but more like broken-speaker-membrane type of fuzz, this is the bes example of what im looking for Link to youtube , the thing is i want ''more space'' between the fuzz, i want--> fuzzzzzzz fuzzzzzzz fuzzzzzzz, not FuzzzFuzzzFuzzz.

I rock at explaining!


edit: i have a pacifica 112 with dimarzio paf pro, and an epi valve junior head with a handmade 1x12 box w/ celestion g12-75 speaker
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Hmm, I'm not positive on your description but I think you are looking for a silicon fuzz. It sounds a lot more "harsh" and majorly fuzzy than the germaniums which sound more "smooth".

If that is the case, check out the Fulltone '70, and Roger Mayer Axis fuzz, also the Fuzz Factory gets crazy even though there are germanium transistors.
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If im not mistaken Bongzilla uses a Boss Fz- 2 (well Electric Wizard does it also, and that's kinda alike).
The homebrew ultimate fuzz octave has been used by quite a few stoner rock bands(

And if you cant find/try-out those, dont be afraid to try a American big muff, it sounds really crunchy ,heavy and full of sustain, just tune low

Aaand check out this thread, im sure you'l find something you like in there
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I've got a Roger Mayer classic fuzz for sale, it's a fuzz face clone, it's very fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fuzzzzzzzzzzzz
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thanks for the replies, i think ill buy fuzz factory. looks like the most versatile and weird pedal . the only thing that worries me is that i read that fuzz factories make the sound ''plastic'', like as it goes through 26 behringer pedals.
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