My mates are coming over for a practice on saturday and we have a new guy coming along.

We have a drummer with a proper kit, a basist, the guitarist who is new, me playing guitar and singing.

how should i set up the room? it is quite a small room.

we will just be playing through our amps, and i am using my dads old stereo system with two speakers to put the mic through, but it has been feedbacking quite abit when we get it to the right volume to be heard over the drums etc.
the microphone is a cheap one i found in my house, and i have no idea how good this stereo system thing is, or the speakers on it.

any tips or anything? kind of new to this. me and my mate on the bass have been jamming for a year, but as a 4 piece i imagine its harder to set up and this being a small room doesn't help

put everybody as far away from their amps/PA as possible. it cuts back on the feedback
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should the speakers be further away from the PA than the mic? so that the speakers are infront of where the vocalist stands? and the mic pointing back towards the back of the room?
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what do you mean?

that is the current setup, bad i know.

the black boxes are objects in the way.
the arrows show what way they are facing
theres no bass amp on there, it would probably be placed near the drums ?
take out all the stuff u dont need. like cupboards and stuff. i dont know how to help u with the sterio though...best thing i could tell you to do is get a bigger one. you will need to eventually when u perform live.
hmm i will try and clean out as much of the room as i can

what shall i do in terms of where to position the speakers and mic and amps?
i have no 'propper' understanding of acoustics. place guitarts opposite each other so it doesnt sound awkward. drums probably in the center (maybe directly behind you when your singing?) , bass guitar maybe...idk, sorry thats just my guesses i dont actually know.
anyone else?
alright, cheers for your help

i just need to know how to set up the mic really.

like where to position the two speakers and where to position the mic/at what angle

The closer to the mic the speakers are, the more likely ther's gonna be feedback on it. Plus if there's something between the mic and the speakers it'll block the ammount of sound getting back into the mic.

So try to have the mic as far away as you can and try to put yourself between the mic and the speakers.
bass and one guitar on one side, to the drums right, vocal and one guitar to the other side of the drums and drums in the middle/back, good bands set up like this a lot
Buy earplugs. My band practices in a really small room and that stuff kills our ears. Hopefully there hasn't been any permanent damage. We've started using earplugs recently. A few times won't kill you but if you're gonna practice there on a regular basis, you might as well get some earplugs.

Not much else to say that hasn't been covered, good luck practicing!
Heh, i have the same problem as the original poster with mic/speaker placement. We have our vocalist's mic stand directly inbetween the two speakers that are on the ground, our room is probably about twice the size of dannyyy's though.
Sometimes you can cut back on feedback by wrapping some paper around the head of the mic.
this is a pretty standard set up. dont know if youve got any monitor wedges, i suspect not, but i included them anyway.

you want the pas speakers to be at about head height. so they point at your ears.

G1, and G2 are guitar amps and B is the bass amp.

also, for solving feedback, turn down the gain if you can, and turn the treble down if you can. also, dont point the mic at the speakers.
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thanks for that mate.
its kind of hard as there are objects in the room but ill try move stuff around to get the best out of it

is it important for the PA speakers to be at head height?
I find it helps to point the amps and speakers at the drummer. My drummer loved it when I did that. It helps them hear you better and keep time better.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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