Hi !

I've been playing for a few years and basically I play rhythms. No I'm
interested in learning some scales, modes ... learning how to solo and
have some skills for improvising.

My problem is that there are lots of books out there. I'd like to know
your opinion about what's the best book you know (I'm interested
mostly in rock music).

I'd like a book with a good method that:

1) is suitable for beginners in soloing world
2) have a good method to learn more quickly (good exercises, ...)
3) have a CD or DVD to understand better the exercises

I'd like to have one more opinion too. Thinking of your experience,
what is the average time (playing 30 to 60 min. a day) to learn a
scale (at least 1 or 2 modes) in a way that is possible to play along
using it (improvising) without being thinking where are the notes.

thanks in advance!
first 30 to 60 mins a day you need to practice more and only a couple minutes to learn a scale