Me and my Grandpa want to learn how to play the Godfather Theme by, Guns N Roses. I play guitar, and already know the song. But I can't find any piano tabs, or anything for him. Does anyone know where you can find it at? I looked on google, but I couldn't find it for free. and I am not paying like $5 to learn a song. hell I could download the song for free.
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Just find out what notes you're playing on the guitar then transfer that over to the piano.
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look for guitar pro tabs (if you have that program) cuz it lets you tab out pretty much every instrument you could ever need, so you might be able to find one that has piano tabbed out. or you could just use it to do the flemfloyd said, since it has tabs and standard sheet music.

if you dont have guitar pro... torrent.
+1 to using the guitar to find out the key signature and notes for the piano to play. You can also try to listen to the song and firgure it out, cause if either of you have been playing piano for some amount of time, then it should not take too long. Or you always have Guitar Pro...
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