someone like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATub40Npxik&feature=related

gets out-shined by something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drFbPgWFr1g

all because you 14 fanboys get your **** in a twist over some really mediocre playing.. "OMG ITS SYNYSTER GATES E HES LIKE THE BEES KNEES LULZ."
i really dont see why you all would really like to put your mouth on his ****.. he sucks and the whole band is ****ty too...


i just dont get it
someone or anyone who is a fan of him.. please explain how he's better than the guy in the first video.,
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hahaha "sexism the ultimate humour" a6l6e6x, 2008

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first, no one has said bees knees since the 1950s. second, it's personal preference and nothing for you to bitch about.
People like their music. Leave them be.

And *Reported*, you can't make a thread just to flame a guitarist because of the fact that he's popular.
Technically the first guy is a lot better...

On the other hand Synester gates has kids sucking his **** because there told to.

And we wonder why the world is is fuked up?!
how do we know thats not just you in the 1st vid?
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Did your know your son likes to fap?

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I'd rather shove a Pidgeot up my arse than spend any time with Jimmy Page.

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You win for making me really laugh.

add that:
He's not better, he's just more popular.
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yea last week me and my freind kyle were in the bathroom at school and this kid was takin a **** so we decided to make a piss arch over the stall and onto his face...it was priceless