I was looking for a new guitar in a local shop yesterday, and they had an old Ibanez that I really liked for $700 dollars used. I'm having trouble finding information on it though. Any help would be appreciated. The tag said "540R" but the guy helping me said that it wasn't just the regular 540, it was a limited edition or something. It's a blue body with H-S-H pickups, one volume pot, one tone pot, 22 frets with sharktooth inlays and a "custom made" on one of the frets. Floyd Rose bridge, the guy working there said it was a mahogany body, i'll take his word for it. He also said it was made in Japan. Any help or info, how much it's worth or anything would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Also, about the mahogany body, I have seen a couple websites saying the 540R was in basswood, but the guy at the shop said the one I was looking at was mahogany. Is there anyway I could tell if I had the guitar? (I think that's a dumb question)

ANOTHER EDIT: I also remember the guy saying that it was like an "S540 R, too, and I just read a review for that and someone paid $650 for it, so that seems like the guitar I was looking at.
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