my guitar has an original floyd rose trem system and i know u should take off the strings one at a time if u are restringing it. yet this time i need to clean the fret board so i need to take all the strings off. i am going to put a block in the back of the guitar and take all the strings off. once i restring and tune it will the bridge be the same as it was before i restrung it?or will i need to make the adjustments to level it again?
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While the actual theory says that you should be returning to normal position/your trem should be leveled even with the same tuning+string gauges, i reckon that would happen. You probably would come close to making the bridge parallel but most probably you would have to make few adjustments to the spring tension.
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It SHOULD be the same if you use the same gauge strings. However it will still probably take a little bit of tweaking before it stays in tune.
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