ok i was wondering which is better, an epiphone les paul, an epiphone double neck or a dean dime union jack razorback
is this a serious question?
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you need to go out and play them and find out for yourself, we can offer OUR opinions, but our opinions won't help you when you spend 4 figure sums on a guitar, which you then take home and decide you don't like.
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well i have owned both a epi les paul and an epi double neck. not familiar with the dean. i liked the epi les paul. the double neck was 'cool' but way to heavy to play for more than 20min so i would highly advise against that.
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HAahah deciding the guitar on paintjob.WHAT AN IDIOT!
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HAahah deciding the guitar on paintjob.WHAT AN IDIOT!

Edit: The stand alone Les Paul would be better.
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Why the double-neck?

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