Well, it's been working until now. When I try to burn some tracks to a CD, the software (NTI CD & DVD Creator - like I said, been fine until now) writes the table of contents, then begins to burn. After about a songs worth of writing, the program just crashes. And with it, the CD drive. It won't open. So I have to restart the computer (it will come out after that). With the CD in my computer, it will play the first track, but the others will just be the song length in silence.

I've tried a few other programs, to no avail.

Anyone know what's up and/or how I can go about sorting it?
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Maybe your drive is running in PIO mode and not DMA. To run in DMA mode, go to device manager, right click on your CD drive and click uninstall. Then click on Action> Scan for hardware changes... Hope this helps.