I've heard the intro to this song a million times, but I've never heard any of the lyrics, so I can't look it up on google. I recorded the intro to it, so you can listen to it. Anyone know what song it is?

the recording
hahahahahahahahahahaha OH NOES
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Is that supposed to be Sweet Child o' Mine by Guns 'n' Roses?

Is this supposed to be a joke?
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are you friggin kidding me? sweet child o mine by guns n roses. buy that album, appetite for destruction. right the **** now

edit: but major kudos to your ears. really impressive
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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im sorry man, but you need to do some music research for that one...turn your radio on, then go to any classic rock station- itll play within 45mins.
i dont even know what to say

like yea i think that was supposed to be sweet child o mine. but idk its just soo off.
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ahahahahahahaha... ha.... ha....

i ran out of breath on that one.

EDIT: what is that? an electic banjo?
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Are you for real?

. . . *considers saying no to prevent further embarrassment* . . . . .

Yeah, I was serious.

Well anyway, thanks for the answers (and the insults ) that everybody contributed. I think I'm gonna go buy guitar hero now, so this won't happen again