Ok, So Im new here, first Topic *Wooh!* and, Since Ive been playing without an amp on bass for a whole year (Never needed one, used my mates for band practice) I feel its time to buy an amp.
Budget- No more than £175-ish.

Also, Can you use bass amps for 6 string guitars, coz if so then my budget goes up to £250
Thanks in advance
Guitar through a bass amp is fine - there are plenty of guitarists prefer bass amps. At £250 you could get a used Ashdown MAG or a Peavey TNT115. They'd be my suggestions.
I would agree with the used Ashdown MAG series, I recently purchased a MAG C410T and it sounds beautiful. Its quite vesatile, it can pack out alot of bass, but not as much treble, but its still a great amp.
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what type of music do you play?

The band im in plays classic rock style, and if your looking for a specific, led zeppelin, black sabbath etc...
I'm going to say the Peavey TNT on this one. I had tottally forgotten about that amp! It's loud, has amazing lows, and is made by Peavey so you know the quality is going to be excellent.

The Ashdown would also be good, but I think classic rock sounds better outta a 1x15 with a 2x10 cab. I think you're budget would allow for that. And your guitar will also sound good outta that set up.

So Peavey TNT 115, with a Carvin Br-210. Or any other 2x10 really.