I'm getting to that part in college where professors are assholes and decided to assign four hundred pages of reading, among 5 classes, per week. I've also made this discovery that I read really, really slow. sort of painfully so. The question is, then, does anyone here have any advice on increasing my reading speed?
Read a lot. That's the best advice I can give. I read tonnes and can own people at reading fast. If speed really is an issue (comprehending and absorbing the material seems like it should be more important) then read anytime you can. University books, Duke Nukem novels, Harlequin Romances, it doesn't much matter. Just read.
It's something that you learn when you're young.. but yes just read a lot. Force yourself to concentrate too, I had a few months where I would read sentences over a few times because I couldn't take it in so I made myself concentrate and it went away.
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their right, you have to read at every point you can.

Eventually, you'll pick up little tricks that you dont think about but do subcounciously. Like for example, I look for key words, and I try to comprehend what is happening in the whole current scene/setting/paragraph of a textbook, as opposed to trying to analyze each sentence by itself.

For example, I may not remember that Bob has brown hair, but I do remember that in his conversation with his friend, they had a fight.
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skim. I read 3 out of 5 words.
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skim. I read 3 out of 5 words.

Then it can be confusing. Example: _____ Montana ____ her teacher
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Play one song that can easily be tuned out on repeat while reading. When you tune that out, you'll tune out other outside noises
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Then it can be confusing. Example: Hannah Montana touched her teacher


Start reading novels about things you like. And, try now to get distracted.
I get distracted to easily...
I think its just natural talent. I read really, really fast btw.
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