Im looking into a 5string and saw a Schecter Stiletto Extreme for 290£ which is reasonably cheap considering Im in expensive denmark...

How are the quality of the Extreme series compared to other Schecters?
Would I be better off with a Ibanez GSR205 or a SRX305?
I bought a 4 string one today. This thread scared me with its coinicdenceyness. I havent really played it enough to say HOW good it is, but I can say that its good
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Brill, thanks guys

Also, Molloy, if you want, please come back and leave some feedback after playing it more
When I tried the bass, it didn't feel like anything THAT special to me. I was comparing it with the Spector Legend that I tried and I felt that the Extreme sounded a little bland compared to it. If you do want a Schecter you should try out the Schecter Custom basses or one step up, the Elite, which will blow the Extreme away.
Yeah, but they are both at least 200£ more expensive than the extreme where I live =/
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Yeah, but they are both at least 200£ more expensive than the extreme where I live =/

I'm sure you can get a Schecter Custom for around £350 from Sound Control. I'm afraid you may have to travel to test them, but I have no worries in recommending them from ordering from the website. My Spector came in fine condition.

Here's the link for the Stiletto custom:

Yeah, thanks alot for that input man!

I really need the 5stringed though, so that adds a bit up, and shipping will prolly be quite an addition as well