What amp should I get for shows? My band does metalcore and hardcore stuff. But i want something in the Prtotest The Hero, Norma jean, Human Abstract "region". I was thinking of looking at a Mesa but i have never really played them. I want a 100watt. For shows and such.

Right now i have a Line 6 Spider II 30-Watt. And im not very pleased with it.
B-52 AT112 combo or Randall RG50TC. Either of those should be good for those kind of styles. I quite liked the Randall, even though I'm not into metal or anything like that.
a lot of those types of bands are just straight up 5150 with an overdrive pedal.
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upgrade to the 212 version and u will be happy

if you mean the 212 spider, then no...just no

look at b-52 at112 or at212, those are great, use one myself (the 212), peavey 5150's or 6505's are other great choices for the genre if you can find a used 5150 combo or are willing to buy a used 5150 half stack that would be great
well under 1000$ And plese specifie with the numbers and letters. I dont know the lingo!
B-52 AT112?? what company?
5150 ??????
you want 1000 including the cab? i would say that b-52 but make sure you try it really well before you buy. also make sure you can try to find a cab that has celestion V30 speakers those will be the best for you.
ok cool. But why would I need an overdrive pedal with the peavy? Does it not come with a footswitch?
no..... the overdrive pedal will give it more distortion and make it a tad bit tighter, trust me it will sound good.
^ Meh, it's an overpriced amp for what it is, carvin stuff is much better. You just gotta try stuff out.
(overpriced in the UK anyway)
hahaha EDMONTON FTW. in canada i would look at anyhting these guys suggest becuase we pretty much can get eveything. so theres no limits. but i wouldnt get a mesa. in general. there not that great, they sound sterile. want something with sound look at peavys stuff anything by them your gonna be happy with. ALOT of msuicans especially paul gilbert said that peavy has some of the most natural distortion, but htere cleans are ok, by paul gilbert standards anything above ok is good.
the 5150 is being remade but it's under the name of Eddie Van Halen. that was his favorite amp. the head is like 2000 dollars......the stack is close to 4000.....i would get one myself but i don't have the money. the 6505 is right at 1000 for the head......but you would need a cab.....you can get a decent berhinger cab for 200.......don't go with solid state.....you will wish you hadn't spending that much......but yeah....the 6505 is where you want to go....it has all the gain you need and you can really get a great metalcore and hardcore tone out of it. It's the reisue of the 5150 so either will work.
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also plug a good overdrive into it. i forgot that part. go with a Maxon (i thik that's how its spelled). that's the one that Killswitch Engage uses.....and they use the 6505 and 5150 alot. the maxon has tubes in it i beleive so it will sound really great through an all tube stack and punch it on with the gain for the amp you will **** ur pants at how great it will sound. so yeah.
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6505 combo then there nice
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