So yeah, it was my birthday last tuesday and today i got my new gear!!

First up, I got a new lead!!! Woo yeah!

Then i got a pedal board. The pedal board is built like a suitcase, with a detachable lid. Its gotta puch for leads, picks and other assorted bits. The pedal can fit up to Ten pedals, or 8 stompboxes and a wah pedal. Its well built and looks very classy. When picked up, the weight is distributed well and it isnt too hard to carry. The pedals arent connected up in the pics, because i havent got a power supply atm, so i dont wanna waste battery.

Then came the biggie. After saving since xmas 2007, i have finally got my new amp : a Fender Super Champ XD.
First impressions, this thing is LOUD. I can't play it above about 3 in the house, so I cant wait till band practice when i can properly crank it. The voices are amazing and really good. I have found plenty of tones that suit me and I've only had it for about 5 hours. The clean channel is absolutely amazing and with a touch of reverb, I can replicate the tone in Californication perfectly. The effects included are great fun, although i do own a number of them in pedal form already. I havent even tried any of my pedals with the amp yet, as the straight guitar to amp sound is just so amazing. Ill show some pics now as im beginning to ramble.

Edit: sorry about the massive pics
Nice board. And amp.

Happy belated!

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Nice board, mine is rather pathetic in comparison. Mostly because I don't have any kind of covering on it yet.
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get a power supply for those pedals!

I intend to in the very near future.

Yh the board was bough like that, because err, my dad and I put together have all the woodworking skills of a shrew, so we decided it would be easier to buy one. Plus it was pretty cheap, so no problems lol. I dont reckon ill be adding anymore pedals really, but i mite add a tuner pedal and maybe a footswitch for the super champ.

nehoo, im having great fun with the stuff lol.


edit: my only gripe with the amp was that the power cord included had an american plug on it, so we had to get an adapter to fit in the english sockets. No real problem though, it would just have been nice if the shop had told us this beforehand as I went home got it all out of the box, went to plug in and was like 'oh bollocks'. Oh well.
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how do you like that marshall echohead - i'm looking into buying one but have heard of reliability issues
Personally i reckon the Echohead is an absolutely amazing pedal. However, it does eat batteries, so a power supply is pretty much a must.
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First up, I got a new lead!!! Woo yeah!

We need clips of that super champ!
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I will try, but i cant promise ill be able to get any just yet. Suffice it to say, its absolutely amazing!! lol
You can turn the fx right down which is the equivalent to off as there is no effect on the sound. However, the voice control cannot be turned off. However, i believe that the voice really does emulate the sounds it is supposed to really well. Honestly, i suggest you try it when/if you get the chance.
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You can turn the fx right down which is the equivalent to off as there is no effect on the sound. However, the voice control cannot be turned off.

Lame. So you can't actually get it to sound like a Super Champ (which is an awesome amp)?
I couldnt say, as ive never heard a super champ. But i promise it really does sound good this amp, although very loud