well my second trip to guitar center and i think they were wrong again. i want a solid top guitar and the first one the guy said was solid was not so i tried again and i think it happened again i bought a yamaha f345sy sycamore top the guy said it was solid top and after searching i dont think it is does anyone know if this guitar has a solid top or not before i drive 30 miles to take it back and look like a fool..thanks
All I did was paste "yamaha f345sy " into google. Takes 5 seconds.

I see that guitar priced a little over $200 and none of the descriptions mentions the word "solid top".

Between these two things, I therefore conclude that it does not have a solid top. GC usually has a 30-day return policy. You may want to take advantage of that.
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Get the Yamaha FG700S, the "S" standing for "solid." It's arguably the best $200 guitar there is.
I therefore conclude that it does not have a solid top.


Get the Yamaha FG700S, the "S" standing for "solid." It's arguably the best $200 guitar there is.

Wait. If you bought it, then you obviously liked the tone better than any of the other guitars you tried, assuming you tried a number. Therefore, why are you taking it back?
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He fell for the hype that his starter guitar will sound like a Martin after 50 years? :P

But TS, if you liked this guitar, and it both plays and sounds well (which it probably does as MCN said and is the consensus on harmony-central as well), why would you trade it down for a worse sounding guitar. If it is just for the fact you can say to others and yourself you have a solid top you are making a wrong decision, especially with a guitar like this, a starter.

Edit: I took the liberty of looking up your other forums posts. It seems you had problems with the action of a Yamaha f345, I presume that is the guitar you just now found out has a laminate top? If you have tinkered with the guitar yourself chances are they are not taking it back. If you did adjust it and the action is now ok just stick with the guitar for now as said.

More advice: Do not spend so much time on gear at this point, it is totally pointless. Your skill determines for the most part the quality of sound you are going to get. If you get obsessed with getting 'better' gear you will never improve your sound. Just take the time to properly learn to play. Heck, use the money you would spend on a guitar on lessons and the result will be MUCH better. Then, when you really run against the limitations of your decent starter guitar, start thinking about upgrading.
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