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the movie is mummy and i'm not in mood of playing. HELP ME PIT MONKEYS

I want to punch you in the face.
If you don't feel like playing, then don't...
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I met this chick I really liked and wanted to practice sex, so I practiced on some guy I met at a gas station...
Guitar. Always.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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If you don't feel like playing, then don't...

yes but when i don't play i get bad conscience
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what the **** man, youre on a guitar forum.
cant you make decisions for yourself?

"Hey pit, I kinda need to take a dump. Suggestions? "
The best decision is to simply dwell in the pit.
Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you
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okay heres the answer:
both. at the same time.

problem solved.

Case closed! bye bye pit monkeys! and thanks
We're not called pit monkeys... You would be considered a pit monkey, dont group us together...