Poll: What's your favorite subgenre?
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Black Metal
15 8%
Brutal Death Metal
23 12%
Technical Metal
21 11%
Melodic Death Metal
33 17%
Thrash Metal
30 15%
Doom Metal
10 5%
Progressive Metal
33 17%
Folk Metal
2 1%
Metalcore =P
12 6%
18 9%
Voters: 197.
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I know there's already a thread for this, but I wanted to put in a poll so I could actually see everyone's opinions compiled.

So yeah, what's your favorite subgenre? Mine is melodic death metal.

lol if metalcore wins.

EDIT: sorry for forgetting power metal lol......just vote other.
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I like me some brutal death.
But what would qualify as technical metal?
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The good kind.
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It's between Progressive and Melo-death. But Melodic Death Metal takes it for me.
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Black metal, but everything's pretty much good.
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I'd normally vote brutal death, but the past week I've pretty much only been listening to Opeth and Devin Townsend so I voted prog.
Thrash, I like progressive and a bit of Tech Death too. And Vader.
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Thrash for me. Plenty of great bands, and not a whole lot of bad ones(that come to mind right now). Plus thrash is really made the groundwork for a lot of other genres too.
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I like me some brutal death.
But what would qualify as technical metal?

I really meant tech death, but I wanted to be more broad.

Idk.....Meshuggah, Necrophagist, etc.

EDIT: lol at 2 for metalcore
What, no power metal, but metalcore gets a place? Shame on you!

Anyway, I went for prog, but I prefer mixed genres like progressive power metal, progressive death etc. I like every genre you put up, though I only listen to 4 or 5 brutal death bands and only a few metalcore.
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christian white metal!!!

no metal at all
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Definitely black metal.
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Thrash by a long way. Especially the darker, bleaker thrash, like new Exodus, Slayer and Evile. Not so much like Anthrax or Municipal Waste.
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Misc. Metal ftw.
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technical death metal:

I mainly listen to oldschool heavy metal like iron maiden, ozzy etc, but since that option doesn't exist, I voted Thrash
I voted prog because I couldn't choose.

And prog can be any of the genres up there.

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melodic death metalllll
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Sorry but this poll is very lacking,

Where the hell is NWOBHM, grindcore and power metal?

shame on you!

'Brutal tech death'
Going forward in reverse!
Technical Death, gg.
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Misc. Metal ftw.

Thrash ftw.
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