Hey there.
Me and my friend need to play a jazz song, I'm on the guitar and he's on the saxophone.
He has the notes and chords, but there's one chord I don't know,
it's a G#°, which I think is a diminished chord, I tried a few possibilities but none sounded good. Also some chords are noted odd, see at bottom. Could you please help me find it out?
The chord progression are as follows (if it helps):

D7 .... E-7 (I think E7?) . A7 . D7 . A7 . D7 .... E7 .. A7 .. D7 .... G7 .. F#7 .. G7 . G#° . F#-7 (Again I think F#7?) . B7 . E-7 . A7 . D7 . A7

- means minor (as in emin7), the circle means diminished. Circle with a line through it means half-diminished (min7b5).
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