I put a new fuse in my amp because I blew the other one. The one in there before was a 3A, but it said AGC in front of it. The new one I put in is also 3A, but with MDL in front of it. Is that wrong? I have my back cover off my amp because I was working on it, and the tubes get so hot only after minutes of playing. I'm kind of worried.

Can someone help, this is my first tube. Thanks
Yeah, I keep the standby on so that no sound comes out, then i turn on the power on, wait a little, then turn the standby off.

Now that I think about it though, I used to just flip it on and play until sound came out. Could that have ended up blowing the fuse?

Goddammit, I know nothing about this.
Yeah, but you seriously couldn't touch it without burning your hand.

I just want to know if that's normal, because I'm not for sure if the fuse could cause that.
Quote by Unofficial
Yeah, but you seriously couldn't touch it without burning your hand.

Like all power tubes...
It's normal for Tubes like PTs to get that hot.
thats why they put metal and everything around them so nobody will touch them...

I think the different letters on a fuse mark it as a different type and its best to match the exact type fuse to the original.

you have a 3A fuse in there still but the original could have been a quick blow and the new one could be a slow blow fuse.

If a fuse doesn't break the connection in time there are greater chances of actually melting something on the board.
Okay, thanks, that helped a lot. Thanks for telling me about the slow blow, I'll go get the right one later.