the gay people at guitar center didnt give me a whammy bar, could someone get me ibanez's number to call them? thanks
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UK or USA?
if you know what tremolo you have then you can get one off ebay.
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Yes it is..
Just go back to GC with your guitar and reciept and say "Oi! You forgot my wiggle stick you tubes!".

Or words to that effect.
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Yeah, i bought a strat at a local-type shop and got no tremolo and i went back another day. Just go in, tell them the model and that you bought it there. I didn't do it at GC but i got mine for free.
Yeah, just go back in there.

Doesn't the whammy bar come sealed in a plastic bag or something? If it does, then you're probably missing heaps of stuff.
Yea, Ibanez guitars don't actually come with a whammy bar. You have to buy one, but it's only like $10. They gave me one free once when I asked.