I've been playing acoustic for like 1 year and some months and electric for some months. Anyways, i bought a epiphone les paul and this crappy little amp pack that came with it and i feel its time to upgrade it. I tried reading that thread bout amps but i still dont know much. I was looking at these amps. Which should i get? Suggest better ones if you know any. Budget is under $300ish, dont tell me to just save up cuz i dont got much money. I play a wide variety, FF, grunge, led zeppelin, metallica, etc.

Vox Valvetronix

Marshall MG30DFX

roland cube 30x

$350 Orange Tiny terror eBay used, perhaps?
and buy an avatar 1x12 cab can't be more then $ 75 I wouldn't think.
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id say your best bet is the cube, because of the variety of tones you can get out of it. The valvetronix isnt a bad amp either but in my oppinion the cube has better distortion.