this is the first song i wrote and posted on here in while, let me know what your think, comments are welcomed, and crit 4 crit

cleanin up this mess that ive made,
moving on, on to better things,
leaving what i lived behind,

as the world changes its forms,
my fear anf my emotions run thin,
so iam left standing still,
not know where to begin,

so im driving down the road,
searching for the place i call home,
out of the corner of my eye,
i see the site of my dreams:

its a lady in the sun,
looking for some fun,
and shes staring back at me,

she had long brown hair,
and she moved so free,
standing there shes the one i need,

as im lying in my bed i call home,
im left seaching for somthing unknown,
i can see it, i can hear it,
its a feeling that ill never know,

my last bottle that ill never forget,
my last love that i could never get,
it will be the last time, ..........