Just a real quick question here. I have an acoustic guitar that I don't use nearly as much as my electric, but I'm going to start recording soon. I was wondering if I'd be able to mic the acoustic guitar similar to the way I'd mic an electric amp.

The reason being is that it's a strictly acousitic guitar with no places to plug it into an acoustic amp.

So would that work? Using a microphone really close to the guitar to record acoustic sounds?
Yeah, using a microphone is the best way to capture the sound of an acoustic guitar. Microphone placement is important and finding a good sound can be tricky. I usually try to stay away from the soundhole to avoid excess bass and feedback. Generally, if you go more towards the bridge, the sound is brighter and up towards the neck it's warmer. Those are just starting points though, you'll have to use your ears and find out what sounds best to you.
i think its the other way around....
The tone gets warmer and bassier as your move more towards the bridge and it gets brighter as you move up the neck, away from the sound hole.

Placing the mic in front of the sound hole will generally give your a really warm and bassy tone. While if you place the mic in front of the 2-3rd fret, you'll get a bright, trebley tone.
The best balance for me is usually somewhere around the 12th fret. Keep the mic about 2-5 inches away from the guitar. You could also use 2mics to get two different tones from the guitar and mix them up.
Its always good to double take acoustic guitar.
You really want to have a nice tight acoustic guitar sound in the track. Always compress acoustic guitars. Use a good compressor and you'll need a good loads of compression.
Then tweak it a bit with EQ and reverb, you should be fine.

The most important thing bout getting the right tone is mic placement. You'll hafta move the mic around till you find your sweet spot. The room/surroundings you're recording in will also make a difference. Try recording somewhere around soft, dampened walls. If you can't find them, use matress, clothes, pillows etc. to acoustically dampen the surroundings around you.
as well as the mic placements mentioned above, i find placing a mic almost over your shoulder catching the sound as you would here it works quite well
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and for mics, if you dont have a high budget the MXL 990 and 991 togeather work fairly well for acoustic guitar.
They are condensers and need phantom power so you need to keep that in mind.

I run mine though a Yamaha MG 10/2 mixer and then into the interface.
^Yeah, those are the mics I use, and I can get a really nice acoustic sound with them. And sorry I got mixed up earlier, thanks af the fragile for correcting me.