Guys Guys Guys. Anyone Can Help Me To Fetch Andy Mckee's Music Scores, Midis, Tabs, Guitar Pros, Anything. Especially The Song "rylynn"

Please Please Please
i think you can buy them all on the label's website. i think its candyrat.com

good thing about that is you know they're all accurate
yeah they are 100%.

written by the big man himself.

ive got them all except the harp guitar ones
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I think so.
Before you check it, remember he uses capos, make sure you have a half-cap as well as a full-cap.
isnt he that college kid that made that secret song on the original guitar hero or something?
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ok, i got the accurate tabs, anyone wants it i can share it with you . Cost me $20
guys, can anyone explain to me why as you can see that he plays right in the beginning 0-7-9, but as I play, it doesnt sound the same ?