what are everyone's opinions on ovation acoustics?

i personally love them, but i wanted to ask a few people.
I had a friend that had a 12 string ovation, it was pretty nice if memory serves me....it was so long ago though that I couldn't really say either good or bad about it...
I like their higher end guitars. They tend to have a very playable neck, more for electric type playing and leads than intricate fingerstyle, since their necks are smallish. They have a cool tone plugged in, but very unique - you either love it or hate it. Unplugged they sound horrible to me, since I love the feel, tone and dynamics of all solid wood.

I had a thin body Ovation series for two weeks before I took it back. Paid about 500-600 for it. It was very pretty and sexy, had a "decent" tone but I got nothing out of it, it did nothing for me at all.

Their Applause series is comparable to the Fender Squier line - horribly cheap and dreadful.
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i absolutely love the tone that mine produces. dont get one that has a plastic neck tho its kind of awkward sometimes
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Yeah......the plastic neck with the aluminium fretboard! That was clearly one step too far on the road to innovation.
It has all been summed up nicely already. From about $800,- onwards they are very fine guitars. The round soundhole variety giving the best acoustic tone, comparable with the best and most beautifull in the world. The multi soundhole has more emphasis on plugged in playing in a loud environment and are unbeatable here.
The cheaper versions I find disappointing however. There are Ovations for about $400, - that are outperformed by any $80,- Stagg. Don't get fooled by the brand-name here. Kamann's own B-brand Applause is a better option if you don't have the cash for the real thing.
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ovations are alright. i would only buy an ovation for plugging in, however. the tone doesn't suit me, but that's just personal preference. i've never played an expensive ovation though, so i cant judge those. i've only played the ones about... $500 and cheaper. they were enjoyable to play, but once again, not for me.