Hey, our band recorded a 5-track CD that is ment to be kind of a demo to show to everybody, and i was wondering if it would be worth it to sell it at gigs, and for how much.

I keep saying to the band that we should just charge $3 bucks for it, considering we aren't that well known, and it IS a home recording. And i know that i would pay about that much for a band of our status. Although, everybody else wants to sell it for $5 and i think it's a bit much, but that's just my opinion, i don't know what everybody eles's views are on us.

So, $3 or $5?

If you want to hear the tracks for the quality etc. go HERE
Either one of those or free.
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Honestly, I would give it away for free
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You could sell em for like 1 dollar. Cheap, and you will still make some money off them.
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Hmm, so i think i will just go for two dollars, we need to make some kind of profit so that we can invest in more shirts to sell, and more cd's

thanks guys
as the others said just sell for around $2-3 since your not well known, but as Teh1337Hax0rz said you can just give them away, at this stage its a great way to get yourself known

another way of doing it which a band done near me was to start chucking 'em out through there songs (not hard obviously) and you can still sell some, best of both worlds, and for some reason the crowd go frantic for a free CD being chucked out by the vocalist... even if your not well known!