I been playing for 2 years now. I want to join a band. but the problem is I don't have 1 style.I like all music except jazz.I can't decide what type of band to join.help me decide a band.I have an ibanez 320sz MIM strat epi les pual custom .amp v8 peavyking 112 vox 15 vt effects are homemade =s if that helps
do what i'm doing
- find a couple people with a wide taste in music
- do not have a lead singer (switch depending on song ex. you sing 1 the bassist sings 1 etc.
- play whatever type of music you feel like at the moment

hope i helped you (and i'd suggest starting ur own band instead of joining one that way you guys can call the shots instead of being the new guy forced to learn everything that they've played in the past)