Hi all,
I own a Fender Stratocaster (Mexican made) and was thinking of putting some EMG 81 85 pickups on it. Would this be recommended to do on a cheaper type guitar like a mexican made strat? I really like the sound of those particular pickups and just want some feedback. Thanks!
uhm, sounds like a bad idea?

how are your pickups configured? is it an HH, HSS, or SSS?
(2 humbuckers, humbucker in the bridge and 2 single coils, or all single coils)
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pretty much all strats are routed HSH so it is an option, would just require a change of pickguard

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My suggestion is that you just save up for a guitar that already has them. Oh and don't even think about using active pickups without an all tube amp or it will sound like crap. But if you want I can't stop you.
If its dual humbucker then go for it. If not your gonna have some work cut out for you. I just put a humbucker in my buddys fender. Had to route the cavity and pickguard to fit. Took about a day to complete and you need the right tools and knowledge of wood working. But it can be done and does sound rather nice if your looking for a rock tone.

Also Emg81's dont care what gutiar there in it will pretty much sound the same. Due to the signal being processed and compressed.

Hope that helps.
They are configured SSS. Sorry I left that out.
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Then its best you buy yourself a new guitar. I would keep that one around for the bluesy clean stuff and get another guitar with emgs for the metal aspect of things.

It definately sounds that way. Is there anything I can do to get a heavier sound out of my strat the way it is configured? Can you recommend any particular string types, amp, ect. I appreciate the feedback everyone.
Only amp that will help is going with something made for metal and high dollar and your still cutting yourself short. Think if it this way Iron Maiden Vs Lamb of God... Strat vs Emg's

Also what amp are you running unless its tube do not go with emg's.

And they make a singlecoil humbucker but i dont know how it would sound. So i couldnt give you an honest answer.
If I'm not mistaken, Mexican Strats are only routed for HSS, Americans are routed HSH.
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pretty much all strats are routed HSH so it is an option, would just require a change of pickguard

actually they're only HSS. the neck position's cavity looks big, but its not big enough to fit a humbucker in there.
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