some 18 through 22 gauge wire from radio shack if you want to connect all your pots and solder them all the ground, and connect everything...
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I recommend 22-28. 18 is kinda thick for low-current stuff, and thinner is harder to work with.
If thinner is harder to work with wouldn't i want 18 cuz it's thicker. And i meant like what kind single shielded, braid shielded, cloth, I assume color doesn't matter cuz they have black and white.

Here's the link http://www.allparts.com/store/electronics-wire,Category.asp
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18 is very hard to work with. and the core won't get through your pot's lug/holes.

i would recommend braided cores, shielded if you're anal about any possible hiss you get (i don't). cloth i guess u mean vintage style push back ones? those are cool. nice to work with.
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if you've got any old junky a/v cables you can strip off the outer covering. It's already shielded etc.
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