The recording quality of your songs is very good and the songs are good themselves. I think you produce a "full" sound even without a bass player. Keep it up!
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Nice, I dig. Bonus that you can play guitar and actually sing at the same time. I'd get a bass player though, I dig those deep vibrations.
Thanks a lot man, yeah theres bass in the recordings. I love bass too, I don't see why people don't like it. I actually play the drums in the band, but I'll give the compliment about the singing and stuff to our guitarist. Also if anybody has any bands they want me to check out in return for listening to mine, I'll be happy to do it.
Bass was the first instrument I picked up, so I love it. However, in my current band, I play drums and theres no bassist. Theres a thread somewhere on the first page of this forum, so check it out (It's the band in my sig).