Aparrently a bear that fought along side the polish in the Second World War.

Now a campaign is under way to build a permanent memorial to the remarkable animal who fought so valiantly for the Allied forces.

Atricle :

"Like any soldier, he loved to relax with a cigarette and a bottle of beer when out of the firing line.

But in the heat of battle, he became an inspiring figure - bravely passing ammunition along to supply the guns.

All the men in the Second Polish Transport Company agreed that the recruit they called Voytek was the perfect comrade.
As for Voytek, he was just happy to be part of the unit... ever ready to lend a helping paw."

The 250lb brown bear, standing more than 6ft tall, was possibly the most remarkable combatant of the Second World War, seeing action amid the hell of Monte Cassino in Italy.

After the war, he and his fellow troops were billeted in Scotland and he lived out his days in Edinburgh Zoo, dying in 1963.

Source Was found in the paper this morning, but couldn't find on said paper's site.
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Did the bear use a gun?
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Rest in Peace, Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and Eric Garner and Mike Brown
Whats with all the epic world war 2 threads today?
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-One unmounted bear doesn't make a bearcavalry.

They should've rode him, history wouldn't be the same if they did.
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-One unmounted bear doesn't make a bearcavalry.

They should've rode him, history wouldn't be the same if they did.

A bear with a machine gun turret installed on its back with a seater patch right behind it. Now THAT will make history.
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his name would be spelled Woytek but pronounced Voytek. 250lb sounds a bit low

Or spelt Voytek and pronounced Foytek? Or maybe it doesn't matter because he's a bear that died 45 years ago...
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