Hurt by Johnny Cash. Its a Nine Inch Nails cover but I think that he does it better. Its really easy and an awesome song!
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Newton Faulkner - all i got is a nice song

Not his best though.

I'd say to 'to the light' is way better. Or perhaps 'Feels Like Home'

(i went to see him live in newcastle 2 days ago. YAY)
sarah mclachlan - blackbird (beatles cover from "i am sam" OST)
i really like to play this song ^^
this is easy...u should try just for fun
Bad Moon Rising by CCR is both very easy (only 3 chords, D, A, G) and a lot of fun to play.
Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley is great fun. It's fairly easy, and totally worth it. Also Stranger Things Have Happened by The Foos.