I'm still trying to work with this new style, let me know if I'm improving at all.


edit: Forget to mention that the solo isn't the real thing; I just put it in a simple solo to fill the spot.
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That was an okay song. I liked it for the most part, it's just that some things could be improved. First off, the 13 on the A string in the chorus could probably be a 14. I think that sounds better. It's not that the 13 sounds bad, but it just sounds a little...off, i guess. Then, the breakdown. It's alright. I guess what I don't really like is the break thing in the middle and end (bars 50 and 53). Then in the solo, I don't think the 11 and the 23 on the D string are in the right key. It almost makes me cringe when those notes are hit. The solo itself is pretty good, just those notes need to be changed. The 11 could be either a 12 or a 10, and I don't know what the 23 could be. 24 doesn't quite sound very good either, so I don't know. The acoustic break at 108 I really don't like. It's in a totally different key. It sounds fine in the intro, but not at bar 108. I don't know, maybe it just needs more of a transition into it.

Most of the changes are very minor, but I think they will make a difference. Right now I might give the song a 9/10. Polish it up a bit and it'll be even better.
i loved
-the chorus
-the prechours
-the post chorus
-teh solos kinda things

i think you could improve
-the acoustic break, add pick slide down/up respectively before and after
-ftr a bit, dunno how

i think this sucked
-none of it

it was very good altoghether just tiny blemishes

id say 9.5/10

great job

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First of all, i love the fact you used alot of different time sigs.
The acoustic part of the intro was alright, but i liked the Distortion part best.
The verse was alright, would be much better with vocals.
I loved the pre-chorus, chorus and post-chorus, my favorite part.
I didn't much like the transition back into the acoustic part.
The FTR part was kinda weird sounding to me, but it was still pretty good.

My score: 8.5
Good stuff man, i enjoyed it for the most part. Just a few minor changes i think should be made.