I just tried restringing my guitar for the first time. After I took out all my old strings, I was polishing my guitar when I saw that the bridge (BTW, I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II Guitar) was pretty loose so I tightened up the screws on a lot of the parts. Then when I tried putting on the E string, it created a horrible sound and I looked and realized that the string was touching a screw on the pick up.

So then I realized that I actually lowered the brige and now I can't raise it back to the correct position.

What should I do and have I completely screwed up my guitar?
loosen the strings and raise it some. also the pickup hight is adjstable. The screws on the side and in the middle set the height
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TS, just put the bridge back up a little, restring, see if the strings are still touching or not. If they are then loosen the strings a bit, and then raise the bridge, and then try again. Keep doing this till there's no fret buzz, strings are not touching the strings and you are comfortable wit the height.

also check out that link
those screws either side of the bridge are meant to be loose, they are only to adjust the height of the bridge. Once you put strings on it it wont budge