so, i got assigned to work with this one kid on my semester final, and hes kinda a flake. so, i told him my aunt died and im getting on a plane tomorrow to get him to help me on the project cuz i dont wanna get stuck doing it all.

idk i feel halfway like a dick for lying but i feel strangely justified.

just seein if any1 else has done anything like that at school or work so i feel less like a liar.

Thats so sad.
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Could you not have just been like, "Bitch, you're helpin' me with this project?"

I get that you needed him to help, but surely there was a better solution.

In answer to your question, no, I've never faked a death.
As long as no one sees your aunt on a regular basis, you taught him a great life lesson.
Dude, dead relatives are the easiest and most reliable excuse for when you need to wrangle school **** to your own terms.
Why couldn't you just tell him, "You're either helping me with this or you're getting a 0" ?
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Dude, dead relatives are the easiest and most reliable excuse for when you need to wrangle school **** to your own terms.

haven't but!

sometimes the truth is best unsaid... or so what my back stabbing friend told me lol...

(i hate him to death)
No, it's completely fine, and when your aunt dies and you're at her funeral you can look back on this and laugh.
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No, I've never faked someone else's death.

Surely there's better ways to get things done.
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I pretended my whole family died once to get out of work. I kind of got into trouble when my dad dropped me off for work the next day.
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