Look on the site for the two articles called "Guitar Tricks" and "Guitar Tricks Episode 2", which is on the front page of the site. Also, maybe look at some Tom Morello videos, he does some cool switch stuff.
Depends on your hardware.

Unless your guitar has a double locking tremolo, you can't do divebombs and crazy whammy tricks. Unless your guitar has individual volume controls or a killswitch, you can't do Morello-esque toggle effects.

Most people will say that a neat trick to do is "play the guitar," but that's probably implied. What kind of guitar are you working with?
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play guitar upsidedown, like over teh deck
its ez and looks cool
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If you've got a TOM bridge, with a tailpiece and a seperate part that the strings go over, you can push down on the strings at the bridge (on the side of the tailpiece) and bend it.

You can also push down on the strings from the headstock so that you can bend open strings.

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doug marks from the sentital band HAWK MAKES METAL TRICKS back in the 80s and was good.

theyre still in business making metal but if u cant get it i could dub it 2 u