What kind of regular maintenance is necessary for a $1000 guitar? I regularly wipe down the strings and hardware, do i need to do anything to the finish/fretboard/frets, do I need to worry about humidity/temperature?

I didn't bother doing anything special with my cheap Epiphone (other than wiping it down) and after 8 months of regular use it still seems to be in good shape with only some light scratches on the body and fretboard.
don't abuse it and just keep it safe

AND don't rest it against a wall
have it in a stand
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I think it would benefit both you and your guitar if you stopped worrying. The thing is meant to be played, not constantly taken care of. All you really need to do is wipe down the finish and hardware once in a while. Wipe the strings and back of the neck after playing a couple hours or so, or before. If the fretboard gets dry/dirty, use some lemon oil depending on the type of fretboard to clean it. But only do this occasionally.
Be cool.
Thanks for the advice guys, I use a stand of course I also already use lemon oil on the rosewood fretboard which I believe is ok.

I think I should just stop being so aware of the guitar's cost and just play it comfortably.

Also you guys think it ok to use an old tooth brush on the fretboard to scrub away the grime? It's rosewood and not laminated.
I fyou have a good guitar it will last longer than the sun itself.

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