What kind of music are they best for? And whats the best one for under 1000$
PRS guitars are actually pretty good for a wide variety of music.

For under $1000, unless you're planning to go used, you could get a SE Custom or SE Singlecut. Don't expect it to be anything close to the real deal, though.
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for under a grand you're lookin at the SE series for sure, you won't get a real deal PRS for anywhere near that price. i'd have to recommend the custom outa them because it was my fav, but that's just me.
prs guitars, like any other guitar, can play any style you want it to. run through a 5150 and you can get a nice metal tone, run it through a plexi and you can get a nice british crunch, run it through a twin reverb and you'll get nice cleans and bluesy drive.

that being said, even used, the only prs's you'll find for under a grand are the se models. i really liked the se custom a lot...but if you've got a grand to spend on a guitar, there are much better models out there besides the prs se line. don't lock yourself into a brand. what are you looking for out of a new guitar, and what amp and etc are you planning on running it into?
The USA ones are good but get one made before the 90s if u can. i bought mine from a store in CT in 91. The store was Caruso but may not be there.

The new USA ones are ok but for the money other guitars are much better for that kind of dough.

I play my Les Paul more then the PRS but it is sweet 2.

The imported ones are good guitars too but the USA model is better.

A JCM 900 Stack amp is good but costs a lot the MG is a lower cost one but doesnt sound exactly the same but puts u in the ballpark.

same deal with usa prs vs se the usa one is good if u can afford it. the se is great for the money.